About Us

Few words about KL Consulting C3 (PTY) LTD

An innovative, company that is focused on lowering our carbon footprint on electrical consumption. With the expertise, knowledge and resources we aim to help the new generation of South Africans to understand their impact on our carbon foot print and how they can make a difference by educating, acting and saving our planet. Solar Energy is free so why not use your knowledge to set up a system that can not only provide backup power when you are experiencing load shedding but also added value to your home or business. Reduce your energy consumption and save on billing. Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy and most importantly creating a work environment for others to learn and grow their own business.


  • Company name:                                  KL CONSULTING C3 (PTY) LTD
  • Commercial title:                               KL CONSULTING C3 (PTY) LTD
  • Established:                                           2019/05
  • C.I.P.C Registration:                          2019/164644/07
  • C.I.B.D Registration:                        10234757 (1EP, 1GB, 1ME )
  • D.O.L CF Registration:                    990001231193
  • UIF Registration:                                7450809118LC
  • SMME Registration:                         UPW27635
  • C.S.D Registration:                            MAAA0866579
  • SARS IT Registration:                      9300092237
  • VAT Registration:                               4810291379
  • Ethekwini Registration:                 PR83395
  • SAPVIA Green Crd Inst No#       6682368






Kevin Padayachee (Sales/Director)

A qualified trade artisan in Diesel, Petrol and Electric material handling equipment. Business owner and developer of KL Consulting C3 (PTY) Ltd. Crazy about saving our planet and starting right here in South Africa

Kersree Naidoo (Sales/Accounts)

A qualified cost and management accountant, project management and pastel book keeping clerk with 15 years experience. Administrating all SOE/SOC Tenders and customizing packages for clients.

Kassandra Lizelle (Sales/Forex)

A qualified Ecoterms, logistics and shipment planner responsible for all logistic within South Africa. Stock inventory, daily orders and dispatching of goods. Effective Sales Pro in online systems. Starting soon!

Product Line

Solar Power
Solar Panels, Mounting Frames, String Combiners, Connectors, Cabling, Trunking, Inverters, Batteries, Fuse Links, Terminals, Battery Boxes, DB’s, Breakers, Buzz bars & Remote Monitoring. Installation done with COC from 2kw PV 5KVA to 100kw PV 50KVA on both residential and commercial.
Prime Movers: Cummins, Volvo, Scania, CAT & Perkins. Alternators; Stamford, Meccalte & Leroy Somer. Automatic Mains Failure: Deepsea, Cummins PCC, CompApp & SmartGen. Canopy mild steel & 3CR12. Frames & double skinned diesel tanks, Stock units from 22KVA to 3MVA.
O.E.M Parts
Engines, Gearboxes, Differentials, Braking, Harnesses, Controllers, Software, Turbos, Oils, Coolants, Filters, Lift Cylinders, Seals, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Gaskets Sets, Fuel Pumps, Injectors, Valves, Pistons Kits & much more!
Somninetix Pty Ltd (JV)
Ports/Harbour/UPS/Backup & Materials Handling Leader